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Sports Massage
Injury Prevention

Faster Recovery . Pain Relief . Better Performance 

Your Peak Performance Advantage

'Advance' is about making progress. Improving function, increasing performance & reducing pain.

  Massage, manual and cupping therapies for sports and surgery related pain, fatigue, wear and tear can help relieve pain and soreness by speeding up the recovery process.  Clinical massage prior to orthopedic surgery can help improve outcomes of the surgical procedure and reduce strain on soft tissue between physical therapy visits as the body heals itself after surgery.

 Our team of manual therapists, sports massage therapists and movement therapists offer sessions and therapy consulting for the prevention and rehabilitation of sports and occupational injuries along with performance enhancing massage and recovery sessions for professional & student athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

Advance Sports Therapy is proud to be ranked the top sports massage therapy facility in the Chicago land area with an all 5-star rating!  

Faster Recovery. Better Performance. The 'Advance' Advantage

Sports massage, Dynamic cupping, wet cupping for Improved muscle recovery and chronic soft tissue dysfunction.

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